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Anonymous asked: What are you thoughts on the bible? Do you believe its rules apply to today's world? #random



Honestly, (and I hope I don’t offend anyone, I accept everyone.)

It’s like a big story book to me.

I’m not doubting every passage btw.

Yes, the morals and beliefs are represented clearly for the most part,

and as a reference for what Christianity stands for,

The bible serves its purpose well.

But you are not going to tell me that MY god would damn perfectly upstanding people for finding love within their race.

Or that MY god would wish harm upon another because they don’t believe in him.

Or that MY god would ever intend for us to die by another man’s hand because we are simply different.

Humans are so lucky.

The extent of individuality we each can reach is endless.

And that is the problem.

Too many conflicting interpretations.

The bible itself is harmless.

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